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Customer Testimonials

I’ve been coming to Eileen for 14 years. Before Eileen started cutting my hair, I used to plan my hair cuts at least 2 weeks before important events like parties or interviews. I didn’t realize that I could walk out of a salon with a perfect haircut. Thank you for taking care of me.
— Brian, Woodland Hills, CA
Eileen’s experience and knowledge of color is amazing. I came to Eileen six years ago after my previous hairdresser totally ruined my hair by over processing it. Eileen instantly fixed the problem and I have been coming to Eileen ever since and continue to be happy.
— Jennifer, Santa Monica, CA.
I’ve been coming to Eileen for 4 years. I have thick, curly and frizz-prone hair. Eileen is the only one that has ever been able to make my hair look beautiful. She has taught me how to use the right products and tools and my hair submits to her every command! Thank you Eileen for giving me back my self-confidence.
— Kara, Newbury Park, CA.
I have a HUGE shout out. I have met an incredible mom, who runs her own studio, that I went to yesterday. The peace that comes from being alone in a studio, no chatter etc. You, her & peaceful music! She’s European trained, and uses Professional products. I had a cut & a color, and I’ve had nothing but compliments the last 24 hours!I’m so glad to have met her!
— Karen, Thousand Oaks.

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